Our team has developed revolutionary technology with the Nexus A9 mouth guard that shows a high level of accuracy detecting impact forces to the head.

Our expertise in neuroscience, engineering, and medicine are going to help monitor professional athletes and children before it is too late.

The love of the sport is what drives our mission.

Our Technology

The Nexus A9 is a highly engineered custom mouth guard utilising micro motion sensors to detect head impacts to a high degree of accuracy.

Our team of engineers & neuroscientists have worked tirelessly to deliver a data driven solution to impact detection. It is the culmination of a 2-year research and development phase.

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Brain Injury

Purely relying on our vision to detect head impacts, in many instances over large distances on the sporting field, has proved to be a flawed approach. Our Advanced Impact Recognition System (AIRS) is a point of care alert system to medical professionals and caregivers in the form of a user-friendly software application.

Our AIRS is the interplay between hardware, firmware & software to deliver complex information in the most efficient way possible. AIRS allows for Rapid Response to potentially traumatic head injury through efficiently applying our proprietary algorithms to the raw data and communicating simple & insightful data to the end user.

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of concussions result in unconsciousness


of concussions go unnoticed

million sports related concussions in the USA each year

Pillars of Concussion Management

How the Nexus A9 can objectively assist the process


Using state of the art technology to accurately detect dangerous impacts


Help medical professionals assess risk using reliable data


Implementing precision medicine based rehabilitation on impact profile & history